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Fall 2017:Ultimate Frisbee (CoRec) Information Page

Intramural Sports presents our 3v3 Indoor Basketball Tournament: Online Registration began on Monday October 16 at 10 a.m. and closes Tuesday October 24 at 10 a.m. We offer leagues for Open, Women's, CoRec and Res Hall. Entry fee is just $20 per team. Fees for Res Hall teams are paid by Student Housing. Tournament takes place Saturday October 28 at the ARC Main Gym Courts 3 & 4. Don't miss your opportunity to be this year's IM 3v3 Indoor Basketball Champions. Register HERE

There's been major updates to our Levels of Competition info. Please take a look at the updates here:

Be sure you look at the updated division definitions so you can register for the appropriate level for your team.

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Division Standings
CoRec Competitive
  CC1 (Sun 7)
CoRec Recreational
  CR1 (Sun 6)
  CR2 (Tue 7/8)
CoRec Res Hall
  CRH2 (Fri 8)

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