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Active Registrations
Sport Deadline Actions
Pickleball Doubles 02/16 11:45 PM Create a Team  Join a Team  Schedules
Pickleball Mixed Doubles 02/16 11:45 PM Create a Team  Join a Team  Schedules
Pickleball Singles 02/16 11:45 PM Create a Team  -  Schedules
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Sport Deadline Actions
Basketball (CoRec) 02/26 04:00 PM Join a Team  Standings & Schedules
Basketball (Men's/Women's) 02/26 04:00 PM Join a Team  Standings & Schedules
Indoor Soccer (CoRec) 02/26 04:00 PM Join a Team  Standings & Schedules
Quidditch (CoRec) 02/26 04:00 PM Join a Team  Standings & Schedules
Racquetball Singles 02/26 04:00 PM -  Standings & Schedules
Quidditch (Open) 02/26 04:00 PM Join a Team  Standings & Schedules
Racquetball Doubles 02/26 04:00 PM Join a Team  Standings & Schedules
Indoor Soccer (Men's/Women's) 02/26 04:00 PM Join a Team  Standings & Schedules
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UC Davis Intramural Sports

Winter 2016 Info

Keep up with all things IM Sports by "Liking" our Facebook page: UC Davis Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports presents our Pickleball Singles & Doubles Tournament. Online Registration begins on Monday February 8 at 10 a.m. and closes Tuesday February 16 at 11:45 p.m. We offer leagues for Open Doubles & Mixed Doubles. This year we add Open Singles to the tournament. Entry fee is just $5 per person. Competition takes place Saturday February 20 at the ARC MAC. Don't miss your opportunity to be this year's Pickleball Champions.

This year we introduce our new Competitive and Recreational league structure for all sports. Please take a look at the new structure HERE prior to registration so you can sign up for the appropriate league for your competitiveness and skill level. We've also updated our playoff qualification process.

We now have a new minimum gender requirement for our CoRec Recreational leagues. For team sports with 3-6 players, teams will be required to have at least 1 of another gender on the court/field. For team sports with 7-8 players, teams will now be required to have at least 2. For team sports with 9-10 players, 3 are now required. No matter the sport, teams will be required to have at least 1 of another gender to avoid a forfeit.
For Winter this means the following sports will need to meet the following ratios: Basketball 4:1, Indoor Soccer 5:1
*Note: teams may choose to play more than the required ratio if desired

Please Note: All Non-Student CRU card members must email the IM office at to have their CRU membership activated in the IM Online system for access to Intramural Sports. This must be done prior to registration if you plan to register a team. A minimum of a 3 month membership is also required for access to Intramural Sports. All Community members must purchase a $50 CAAA membership to be eligible for a Community Membership.

Our brand new IM Sports Reversible Jerseys are now available at the ARC Pro Shop. Each jersey sells for $32.95 and has numbers on both sides for IM Basketball play. Our IM Tees are also available for purchase at the ARC Pro Shop. Each bundle includes a Grey and dark navy shirt with numbers on the front and back. The package sells for $22.95. These tees and jerseys will be valid for all IM play. IM BASKETBALL WILL REQUIRE NUMBERS ON THE BACK OF YOUR SHIRT/JERSEY. Get your shirts or jerseys today.

Tournaments and Paloozas offered Winter quarter are Pickleball Singles & Doubles and Badminton Singles & Doubles.

Intramural Sports activities are available to all current Undergraduate and Graduate students, as well as University Affiliates and community members who have purchased and has an active CRU membership. Eligibility guidelines can be found on our website.

For up-to-date field status or the Informal Rec hours at the Dairy Outdoor Recreation Complex please go to our: Recreation Fields/Courts page

Important Playoff information is now available on our website. Learn how your team can qualify for playoffs.

All team sports will require teams to wear light and dark colored shirts/jerseys. All HOME teams will wear light colored tops and all AWAY teams will wear dark colored tops. Grey is considered LIGHT.

If you have any questions, please contact the Intramural Office at 530.752.1730, email us at, or visit us on the second floor of the ARC.

Intramural Sports is hiring IM Officials for Winter Quarter. Looking for officials to work IM Basketball, Indoor Soccer and Quidditch. If you don' have a preference, we are especially looking for Basketball officials. Pay is $10.50/hour working in a fun and fast-paced environment. Clinics start Monday January 4 at 5:30 at the ARC Meeting Room 1. Please contact us at or 530.752.1730 for more info.

Intramural Sports presents our Winter League Registration. Online Registration begins on Friday January 8 at noon and closes Monday January 11 at 5 p.m. Sports offered are 5v5 Basketball, 6v6 Indoor Soccer, 7v7 Quidditch and Singles & Doubles Racquetball. Eligibility is available to all currently registered students for the quarter, as well as all others with a valid CRU membership. A minimum of a 3 month CRU membership is required to participate in Intramurals.

Captain's Meetings are MANDATORY for all league sports (Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Quidditch, Racquetball). This meeting covers general IM Sports policies and procedures. Each captain must attend ONE (1) meeting per Quarter. Please follow the link for exact dates and times. All players who register a singles or doubles team is considered the Captain of the team. Attendance at the Captain's Meeting will earn the team 1 Free Reschedule during the season. Failure to attend a Meeting will also result in loss of ability to protest games.